The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Sterling Silver Tarnish-free

Pulling off the perfect day-to-day chic and stylish look doesn’t always come cheap. A crucial piece to the puzzle usually comes in a posh, intricate box with velvety interiors, or a classic ribboned pouch that exudes elegance just as much as its precious content. The pièce de ré·sis·tance: jewelry. From cubic zirconia stones to sterling silver, a girl’s gotta stun her glam. But when oxygen or sulfur meets silver, glam meets… well, tarnish. And when tarnish takes over, the inevitable happens: that dirty-looking necklace or that severely scratched bracelet’s most likely never getting out of that drawer again. Below are a few tips to keep your sterling silver sterling, tarnish-free, and out of the drawer, as it should be:


1) Wear your jewelry more often.

Contrary to popular belief, frequent usage does not always equal proneness to looking worn-out. Fun fact: the oils your skin expel actually cleans the silver, and in turn, keeps it looking shiny when worn. Plus, what’s the harm in adding a little charm to your look every day?


2) It’s all about good storing management.

At times when you would much rather set a few pieces of accessories aside, try storing your silver ones in airtight bags or areas with low humidity next time. That way, your jewelry does not get exposed until you do decide to wear them. #Lifehacks101


3) Make use of a cheaper, and more convenient polishing alternative that you will most likely find sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

A homemade paste of water and baking soda usually does the trick! But if you want to be more extra, which in all cases is completely acceptable given your unmatched love for jewelry and all things glamorous, placing the pieces on top of an aluminum foil, followed by pouring boil water and adding two tablespoons of baking soda and salt until it dissolves might just be the ultimate solution to your tarnish-y problems. This could save you time from a probable ten-minute drive to the nearest store which probably does not even currently have silver polishing products on-shelves, or it could also save you money, in the event that the products are available, but seem to be too pricey for your budget. Either way, you win girl!


4) Make a good habit out of cleaning your silvers on a regular basis.

Sounds like extra work but you’ll thank yourself later for it, once you realize you’re actually prolonging your jewelry’s life. It is crucial to note, however, that silver is a very soft metal so the best cleaning tool would either be a clean 100% cotton, or a soft-bristled brush. Fortunately, special silver-polishing cloths exist for maximum satisfaction and care – something that’s definitely worth investing for, especially when you’re a jewelry enthusiast and lover. The good news is, aside from a lifetime cleaning after-purchase offer, Ram Jewelry provides a cleaning cloth for P150 pesos, and it definitely works wonders. Not only does it live up to its functionality, but in a deeper sense, expresses the brand’s sincerity that goes beyond store transactions. Lastly, don’t forget to dry the pieces out before putting them back in storage. It’ll be as good as new.



More often than not, jewelry maintenance doesn’t sound quite as appealing as wearing them. But a little bit of care can go a long way, and there’s truth in the fact that there is something so gratifying with being able to keep something for long. With a little bit of knowledge in useful hacks and tips, there is no doubt that jewelry maintenance can be just as glamorous!