Cassiopeia Necklace
Cassiopeia Necklace
Cassiopeia Necklace

Cassiopeia Necklace

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Not everyone has freckles on her arm in the shape of Cassiopeia like Sara from the movie, Serendipity. But if you love that movie like we do, you can wear the Cassiopeia Constellation necklace or bracelet instead. And if you can’t be like John Cusack in the movie, you can get her this instead ;)

 Jonathan from Serendipity: Here's the story.
 A long time ago in Ethiopia, there was this queen named Cassiopeia,
who thought she was the most beautiful woman in the entire world,
and there wasn't anybody in the kingdom who wasn't offended
by this woman's relentless vanity.
And then one day, she really screwed up and offended the gods.
I don't remember what she did and I don't remember who she offended.
But it was bad.
She crossed the line.
But anyway, Poseidon, the sea god,
punished Cassiopeia by placing her in the heavens upside down in her throne,
stuck for eternity with her skirt around her shoulders,
and all the blood rushing to her head.
And now she's just a constellation in the sky,
a bunch of English freckles in the shape of a throne.
So she made one tragic mistake.
Sara: And paid for eternity.

If you're looking for your Zodiac sign's constellation, check out and search for the Constellation collection. Choose from necklaces, bracelets and ear crawler earrings.

Base Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: 18K Yellow Gold or Rhodium

Stone Type: Cubic Zirconia

Measurement: 16 inch + 2 inch adjustable

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